The Background :

Echoship ApS was founded in 1990 and is today owned by the total of 3 partners, Kim Gundesen, Steffen Andersen, and Henning Knudgaard Jensen, all heavy involved in the daily work of the company.
By the end of April 2019 a total of 7 persons are engaged in the company, and there are plans, aim, and hope for further developments. Contact details and pictures of the entire staff can be taken from our contact page.

The main activity of Echoship ApS is chartering management of coasters in European trade, a service which we offer to ship owners in a package together with full operation, accounting and controlling of all voyage-related income and expenses.

If required we can arrange maritime insurance covers, as well as claims handling.

We also do work worldwide as competitive brokers, with focus on tonnage up to about 10.000 mtdwcc.

Presently, we manage about 13 coasters in the size from 2500 mtdwcc and up to about 5000 mtdwcc.

Our ships accept most cargo carried at sea. Our main activity remains carriage of sawn timber from Baltic to various destinations in UK and Continent. Our yearly volume in this specific trade adds up to close to about 700.000 cubic meters and most of it is covered by contracts with very long standing relations.

Other main cargoes are steel products, fertilizers, constructions, and bulk grains of all kind, which are all taken from ‘the spot market’.

Details of the ships can be taken from our tonnage page.


A bit of the History :

Echoship ApS was for several years located in the beautiful surroundings within the old town part of Svendborg, 50 meters from the waterfront
The domicile was built as early as in 1791 and is one of the oldest buildings in Svendborg.


When Echoship acquired the building in February 2000 it was completely overhauled to meet the demands of a modern shipping company,

but with all due respect for the historic touch, of course, and as many details as possible kept in original shape.

A bit of the Present :

However, during 2006 it was decided to relocate even closer to the waterfront, and in December 2006 we moved into a ‘’newbuilding’’ only about 500 meters from the old address. The new office is naturally equipped with all modern facilities, lots of natural light, fresh air and a nice 180-200 degrees view to the Svendborgsund.


And this is Echoship :

Echoship  main goal is to be considered and accepted as a serious long-term partner in coastal shipping. This is done partly by this is echoshipoffering the large amount of tonnage to the spot market, within a rather small window from 25-5000 tons, which provides a lot of flexibility, and partly by always fulfilling our commitments, keeping an eye on our partners’ needs – irrespective of how the market is generally behaving.

We like to think of ourselves as a young team, although our average age in 2016 being just about 50 years, that means our know-how of our specific trade is extensive. This mix of enthusiasm, drive and energy combined with the solid experience of the entire team enables us to navigate safely through troubled waters and, at the same time accept new challenges.

We do our business in a serious and professional way in every aspect, and therefore we enjoy a large amount of confidence from the various international shipowners we represent. 

This makes us proud of our company. 

We are looking forward to doing business with you.

Yours faithfully,

Echoship ApS